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As active as I am in Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are going to be times where I miss some cool islands. That is where I need your help. If you think there is an island I missed but should be shared here, feel free to make a suggestion so I can check it out. I am primarily looking for completed islands though. So, if an island isn't complete, I might not post it here. It wouldn't really be cool if someone just dreamed up an empty island, now would it?

From Viviko

How Does This Work, Exactly?

Once you send me your info, I will check out the island myself. If I think it is great, I'll post it. If not, I won't. I may get back to you with my reasoning. It just kind of depends on the volume.

From Viviko

What Info Do You Need?

To suggest an island, I just need some basic information from you. In particular, I need your island name and creator info, your island theme, a brief description of your island, a working dream address, and 5 images of your island (one cover image, and 4 supporting images).

From Viviko

How Do I Suggest an Island?

Truth be told, i built this site in like 2 days. And, I didn't really think many folks would suggest islands on a small site like this. So, for now, send me a DM on Discord at @viviko, with the information about your island. Just be sure to let me know you are inquiring about AC Archipelago. I may ask you some additional questions about your island. So, keep that in mind.

You can also reach out to me on Twiter, if you prefer. I am not too active there though.

From Viviko

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