What is AC Archipelago?

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AC Archipelago is a fan-made website I created to share my Animal Crossing New Horizons island dream addresses, as well as other islands I find cool or interesting (assuming the creators give me permission to share them). I am a huge fan of this game and love to see the creativity others bring to their islands. And, hopefully, after looking around a bit, yu will too.

From Viviko

Is This Affiliated with Nintendo?

Nope! AC Archipelago is a fan-made website that has no affiliations with Nintendo, whatsoever.

Best wishes, Viviko

How Did AC Archipelago Start?

Ah, the obligatory backstory. I have read many times it's important to have a compelling backstory, even if it isn't all true. I am not one to lie, though. So, I am just going to be upfront with you. I am freelance web developer. That is my day job. However, I have been working on the same codebase for like two months now, as of me initially publishing this webisite. So, I wanted to take a day or two off to work on something new.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of my favorite games on the Nintendo Switch. I particularly love visiting other islands to see what other, more creative players than me, have done. And so, after 2 days of coding, AC Archipelago is born.

Well, that, and I can only post so many Dream Addresses on my Discord bio. :)

Yours truly, Viviko

Are These All Your Islands?

As I mentioned earlier, the vast majority of these islands are made by other creators. I make sure to credit them in the description of each island. So, no. Most of the islands on here are created by other players who's islands I either ran into online. Or, ones that are suggested to me.

I hope this clears up your confusion, Viviko

Can Anyone Submit Their Island?

Well, not really. Right now, I have to post the islands myself. So, shoot me a suggestion if you think your island should be included here.

Regards, Viviko

I Have an Island That Should Be Posted Here!

Awesome! Head over to the Suggestions section for details about how we can get in touch. Keep in mind, I am mostly only considering completed islands to be posted here. So, if your island is still a WIP, consider finishing it before you reach out.

Truly excited, Viviko

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